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V-Limited Style Front Lip (04-07) - click to enlarge

V-Limited Style Front Lip (04-07)

These lips are like the famous V-Limited edition STi front lip, whose purpose it is to reduce airflow under the car, increasing front-end downforce, and improving handling and high-speed stability. Each is carefully formed from tough, high-quality polyurethane or ABS, more flexible and much more durable than fiberglass. They're black and ready to bolt up to your car. A stock-looking STi badge replica is also available; see below.

They're available for both 04-05 (sedans only) and all 06-07 cars. (06-07 wagons will require modifications.) If you have a 2004-05 non-STi WRX, you'll need a set of the STi side splitters. The lip will bolt right up to a 2004-05 WRX STi, or to any 2006-07 WRX or WRX STI. Large size on this item means oversized shipping applies.

The 2004-05 lip is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (more commonly known as ABS) plastic. ABS is not quite as flexible as polyurethane, but it's far more resilient than fiberglass or even carbon fiber. Plus, ABS is inexpensive to mold, so we've been able to further reduce the price on this spoiler. Note that the shape of this lip is more round than the original Subaru V-Limited lip. But hey, did we mention it's inexpensive?

The 04-05 lip also comes with a stiffening bar that bolts to the inside of the bumper, to help the bumper skin and lip join together without gapping.

The 2006-07 lip is made of tough polyurethane, which is more flexible than even ABS, but costs as little more to mold, so these lips cost a little more.

2004-05 Install Notes: You'll use existing holes and fasteners, except for two additional nuts and bolts (included) for the center. The OEM fastners have a countersunk design. Because of the combined thickness of all the layers you're going through, you may want to drill out the hole on the lip to clear the countersunk portion of the fastener. We had to do this on one fastener on our test car, but not on the others.

2006-07 Install Notes: Installation on 2006-07 models requires drilling some holes in the underside of the factory plastic bumper. (These holes would not be visible if you removed the front lip). You'll install the included stainless steel screws to secure the lip to the car.

2006-07 Wagon Install Notes: This lip was NOT designed for the wagon, but it CAN be fit up with some modification. Be prepared to drill new holes, do a little trimming, and maybe use some urethane sealant to fill small gaps. Don't call to ask us for more details, because we don't have any more. But it can be done...see below.

On either lip, you'll re-use a few of the stock push-type body fasteners. We offer spares below.

Finish notes: The lips are made of black ABS or polyurethane. The finish is quite smooth, but there may be scratches or imperfections on the surface. If you're concerned about the appearance, we'd suggest painting with something like Rustoleum Paint for Plastic or Krylon Fusion for Plastics. That will make an even finish that will be easy to respray or touch up as needed. If you do leave it bare, the polyurethane will eventually start to bleach from the sun. Keeping a coat of protectant like Mcguiar's Trim Detailer or Forever Black on it can help reduce or eliminate bleaching.

Thanks to Mach V customers Davis Schuncke and Nhat Ngyuen, and more, for supplying the pictured vehicles!

V-Limited Style ABS Front Lip 04-05 WRX - click to enlargeV-Limited Style ABS Front Lip 04-05 WRXNote that this is a new style, similar to, but not exactly like, the real V-Limited lip.

05400Regular price: $199.00Sale price: $99.00
V-Limited Style Polyurethane Front Lip - 06-07 WRX - click to enlargeV-Limited Style Polyurethane Front Lip - 06-07 WRXPolyurethane construction

05401Regular price: $249.00Sale price: $199.00
OEM Subaru Push-In Body FastenersThese sometimes break when you're trying to pry them free; it's nice to have some spares on hand. Pack of five fasteners.

Replacement Hardware (04-05 Poly Lip)Two bolts and nyloc nuts that we include with the 04-05 lip.

Replacement Hardware (06-07 poly lip)Eleven stainless screws and spring backing clips that are included with the 06-07 lip.

V-Limited style lip on 2006 STI (side view) - click to enlargeV-Limited style lip on 2006 STI (side view)
V-Limited style lip on 2006 STI (front view) - click to enlargeV-Limited style lip on 2006 STI (front view)
V-Limited Style on 06 WRX (WR Blue) - click to enlargeV-Limited Style on 06 WRX (WR Blue)Thanks to Mach V customer "Fifth."

V-Limited Style on 06 STi - click to enlargeV-Limited Style on 06 STiThanks to Mach V customer Luis.

V-Limited Style on 06 WRX Wagon - click to enlargeV-Limited Style on 06 WRX WagonMany thanks to Mach V customer and NASIOC member "Lipster" for the pic. See this forum post for more install pics.

V-Limited Style on Black 06 WRX - click to enlargeV-Limited Style on Black 06 WRX

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