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How to Install an Up Pipe - click to enlarge

How to Install an Up Pipe

Many thanks to the folks at TurboXS for this walk-through.

Parts List:

Up pipe
Studs (4)

Recommended Tools List:

Long nose pliers
Wire cutters
Flat head screw driver
Philips head screw driver
Socket Wrench
10mm Socket
12mm Socket (not shown)
14mm Socket
Socket Wrench extension
14mm open end wrench
10mm open end wrench
Oxygen sensor wrench

There are 4 basic steps to installing the up pipe:

  • Remove the Factory Exhaust System (2 Hours)
  • Remove the Factory Turbocharger (1 Hour)
  • Install the TXS Cat-less Uppipe (2 Hours)
  • Final Inspection and adjustments (1 Hour)
NOTE: It is best to do this step while the car is cool, as the muffler remains hot long after the car has stopped running.

Jack the rear of the car up and place car jacks under each side of the car.

Use a 14mm socket wrench and 14mm box end wrench to remove the 2 bolts that hold the stock rear muffler assembly to the rear center pipe. Retain bolts and gasket as you will re-use them to install the new muffler.

Spray a light lubricant (like WD-40) onto the 3 rubber muffler mounts and than remove the stock muffler from the mounts. Be sure to support the muffler as you remove it from the mounts otherwise it will fall on you!

NOTE: Itís best to install the exhaust when the car and exhaust is cool.

Spray all bolts and exhaust hangers with WD-40 and let soak for a few minutes to ease the removal and installation process.

Exhaust installation is much easier with two sets of hands. Get a friend to help you in exchange for letting them drive your WRX for a few minutes after the install is done!

Read the ENTIRE directions first as it will likely save you time!

Step 1: Factory Exhaust Removal:

Remove the intercooler by loosening the two bolts securing it to the mount. Loosen the intercooler hoses from the throttle body and the turbocharger. Remove the intercooler by gently pulling up and back.

Remove both intercooler brackets.

Remove the turbocharger upper heat shield (7, 10mm bolts).

See below.
Turbocharger upper heat shield

Remove the turbocharger lower heat shield (3, 10mm bolts).

Unbolt the downpipe from the turbocharger (5, 14mm nuts). Disconnect the connector going to the rear oxygen sensor. Push in or cut the plastic clip that holds the rear oxygen sensor to the crossmember.

Remove the bolt that holds the downpipe bracket to the transmission.

Remove the bolt that holds the catpipe to the hanger bracket. Retain this bolt as it will be used when you install the downpipe.

Remove the downpipe.

Remove the rear oxygen sensor from the downpipe. Do not touch the sensor tip and keep it clean and free from contamination until it is re-installed.

Step 2: Remove the Factory Turbocharger

Drain the coolant. Remove the drain plug at the bottom of the radiator to drain the coolant and remove the coolant pressure cap.

Remove the two rubber coolant lines.

Remove the hard oil line by unbolting the banjo connection on top of the turbo. Be sure not to lose the 2 copper crush washers on both sides of the banjo joint. Remove the turbocharger. Remove the 3, 14mm nuts securing the turbocharger to the uppipe. You may have to slightly bend the hard oil line to remove the turbo. Pull up on the turbocharger and slip the bottom rubber oil drain line off.

Remove the upper up pipe mounting bracket (bolts to up pipe with two studs).

Step 3: Install Up Pipe

Remove front plastic splash guard at the bottom of the engine bay by removing the 3, 1mm bolts and 3 plastic fasteners.

Splash guard

Remove factory oxygen sensor located in the passenger side exhaust manifold. Use of an 02 sensor wrench is highly recommend as to prevent damage to 02 sensor. The 02 sensor can be accessed through a port located in the front passenger wheel well by removing the plastic fasteners and plastic cover.

Remove the factory heat shield on the passenger side exhaust manifold secured by 4, 12mm bolts.

Unbolt the factory uppipe from the exhaust manifold by removing the two 14mm bolts. Save the gasket or replace with a new one.!

Remove the factory uppipe through the turbocharger area. Install the supplied studs into TXS Uppipe. Installing studs after inserting the TXS Uppipe may ease installation into the turbocharger bracket.

Reinstall or replace the exhaust manifold gasket and bolt the up pipe onto the exhaust manifold. If you opted to leave the studs out of the up pipe you must install those now. Re-install the upper up pipe bracket. It is critical that the up pipe is bolted and torqued to the exhaust manifold first (before being bolted to the turbocharger) to avoid an exhaust leak.

Turbo-to-up-pipe joint

Step 4: Install the Turbocharger

Lower turbocharger onto the uppipe, ensuring that the oil drain line inserts fully into the rubber drain hose and spring clamp is in place. If installed improperly, serious engine damage can occur if engine is starved of oil.

Reattach the rubber coolant lines and spring clamps.

Install the oil feed line making sure that a cooper washer is used on both sides of the banjo bolt.

Torque the turbocharger onto the up pipe with the three 14mm nuts.

Reinstall the coolant assembly hoses and spring clamps.

Step 5: Double Check Your Installation and Make Adjustments

Refill coolant and oil. See step 3 for details on bleeding coolant system of air.

Start the car.

Bleed the coolant system of air by removing the coolant pressure cap while car is still cold but running. Add coolant until the reservoir is completely full. Replace pressure cap.

Turbo heat shield - click to enlargeTurbo heat shield
Splash guard - click to enlargeSplash guard
Manifold-to-up-pipe joint - click to enlargeManifold-to-up-pipe joint

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