Raceseng Supercharger Pulley for Innovate/Sprintex BRZ / FR-S Kit

  • Here's a simple solution for more boost and horsepower from your Innovate/Sprintex S5-210 Supercharger . These billet aluminum pulleys are available in 70mm and 72.5mm diameters. Since a smaller pulley spins the supercharger faster, you'll get around 10 psi from the 72.5mm pulley, and around 11.5 psi from the 70mm pulley.  Figure about 10-15 hp gain from the 72.5mm pulley, and 20-30 hp gain from the 70mm.  Note that custom ECU tuning is REQUIRED to account for the higher boost.

    Note also that spinning your supercharger faster than its original design parameters may have an impact on your supercharger warranty coverage.

    Black anodized.  Fits all Innovate supercharger kits for BRZ and FR-S.  Fits other Sprintex-based kits as well, but call us to verify.

  • SKU#: 0835170, 0835172

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Raceseng

    Category: Raceseng, Turbochargers