TiC 5MT Lever Pivot Bushings

  • Designed to replace the bushings and sleeve in the shift lever pivot point they help to contribute a much more solid and connected feeling to the lever. Let's be honest here - Subaru shifters are sloppy. Wiggle Waggle Floppy Sloppy. The stock soft bushings are a good reason for a large portion of the slop, and as they age it only gets worse.

    There are two versions of these bushings.  Most cars will use the WIDE version. It will fit the shifter if you have the wide pivot point found on the stock shifter. If you have a 97-01 RS or the SPT shortshifter in an 2002-2007 WRX you want the narrow version. All 2008-2014 5MT cars use the WIDE version. If in doubt please ask us! If you do not know which version you need then email us before ordering.

    ATTENTION 2008 STI OWNERS! If you are going to continue to use the STOCK lever then this is the version you need! This is due to some lever changes Subaru made for the 2008.

  • SKU#: 08434, 08434NA

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: TiC

    Category: Drivetrain Bushings