Do-It-Yourself MAF Housing 2008-2014 WRX And STI

  •  If you're making big power from your Subaru, like 400 whp or more, your factory MAF is probably pegged out at 5.0 volts. That'll throw a Check Engine Light (CEL), but more importantly it leaves your car unable to correctly meter fuel at airflows above the MAF's upper limit. A simple fix is to install a new larger housing. This MAF housing accommodates the stock mass air sensor, and has a larger 76mm or 86mm diameter (stock is 65mm or 70mm) so the observed MAF voltage will be below the 5.0 volt mark.

    This is a do-it-yourself part -- plan to plumb it into your intake yourself, either by welding or using couplers and clamps. This is NOT compatible with the factory airbox or any other factory plumbing.

    Note: This item REQUIRES custom ECU calibration in order to work right. If you bolt it on without custom tuning, you WILL blow up your engine!

    Works great for blow-through MAF setups or traditional draw-through layout. Aluminum construction.

  • SKU#: 07287, 08106

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: KSTech

    Category: Intake Systems