AP Racing Four-Piston Front Brake Upgrade

  • We use this terrific front brake upgrade on our track Impreza. The kit consists of two AP Racing calipers, CNC-machined black-anodized aluminum mounting brackets, hardware, stainless brake lines, and two aluminum-center full-floating vented rotors, 12.8" diameter and 1.26" thick. Pads are sold separately. We used to run the STi Brembo brakes on our track car, but found that we were going through pads very quickly, and rotors were only lasting about six track days before the high heat loads cracked them to bits. We switched to this AP Racing brake kit and have had much better rotor and pad longevity, zero problems with brake overheating, and terrific, reliable and repeatable stopping.

    An additional bonus is that the calipers included anti-knockback springs in the pistons. After switching to the AP Racing front brake setup, we experienced no knockback. The calipers are made of lightweight forged aluminum, anodized for durability and less color-shift than powder coating when used on-track. The pistons are stainless steel for light weight and low heat transfer. High-temperature, low-drag seals keep the pistons sliding freely. Pad replacement is as easy as removing a single bridge bolt. The pads slide out like toast from a toaster.

    The brake pads are a full 20mm thick, compared to 14mm on the STi Brembos. You save a MASSIVE amount of weight  AP racing brakes compared to an OEM Brembo setup. The two-piece AP rotors are four pounds lighter than a stock STi rotor, and the forged aluminum AP Racing calipers are three pounds lighter than the cast Brembo caliper. That's a total of seven pounds of weight savings per corner! This WRX brake upgrade is intended for track use. The pads are a track formula, and the calipers do NOT have dust boots for the pistons. (Dust boots would quickly burn up under track use anyway.) You can use them on the street, but they'd be overkill and the calipers will require rebuilding sooner than a street caliper. Oh, and they're pretty loud.

    Fits all Subaru models 2002 to present. Note that this kit will require decent wheel clearance. If your wheels fit over STi Brembos, you should be fine. If you're not sure, give us a call.

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    Shipping Weight: 50.0 lb

    Supplier: AP Racing

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