AVO Turbo Inlet Pipe 2008-2014 WRX

  • AVO designed this inlet pipe for the 2008-14 WRX with two goals in mind. The primary goal was to make the pipe strong enough to resist sucking shut on even the largest of turbochargers. The other was to make the largest pipe that could fit in the narrow space available on the late-model WRX. Why are we so concerned about strength? If your setup is stock, there is not much to worry about at all. But if you are running higher boost levels, or larger turbochargers, the turbo can literally suck the pipe shut, especially if you are still using the stock airbox.

    If you are planning on making more power out of your turbocharged car, you need to flow more air, period. Bigger intercoolers, turbochargers, and exhaust systems will not work if your inlet pipe is collapsing under the load.

    Fits all 2008-2014 WRX (not STI), and 2005-09 Legacy GT. (Composite plastic intake manifold cars)

  • SKU#: 07880JE

    Shipping Weight: 5.0 lb

    Supplier: AVO Turboworld

    Category: Inlet Hoses