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Brey Krause Harness Bar BRZ/FR-S/GR86



  • The Brey Krause Model R-1410 Harness Bar for the 2013+ Subaru BRZ (and Scion FR-S/Toyota 86/GR86) properly locates and supports racing shoulder harnesses relative to the driver. In the case of an accident, it helps protect the driver's shoulders and spine. The harness guides also prevent excessive shifting and fatigue of the driver during the high G loads of cornering and braking. Easy to install and remove, the Brey Krause R-1410 Harness Bar uses existing holes and mounting points, and includes everything needed for a proper 4-point harness set-up, including clip-in lap belt mounting points. Engineered to allow enough seat travel for the tallest of drivers. Note: Requires minor modification of vehicle trim (see additional info).

    You'll need a proper seat with provisions for harness slots; stock seats are not going to be suitable.

    Disclaimer: Driving a car can be dangerous even under normal circumstances, and driving on track entails significant additional risk of injury or death. We make no claims about this part in terms of its ability to protect you from harm in the case of impact or other situations where you could be injured or killed.

    Fits all 2013+ BRZ/FR-S/Toyota 86/GR86, including 2022+ models.

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