Cobb Stage 2+ Power Package with AccessPort V3 2006-2007 WRX

  • The Cobb Stage 2+ Power Package is such a simple bolt-on and tuning solution for your 2006-2007 Subaru WRX! You get the Accessport tuning convenience, a big increase in power and torque from a free-flowing turbo-back exhaust, an upgraded boost control solenoid, and a Stage 2+ tune! Hear the higher flow going through the Cobb SF intake and dedicated airbox. Listen to the intoxicating rumble of the Subaru boxer engine as it emits through the beautiful Cobb 3" Stainless Steel exhaust. Then finish it off with a stainless steel turbo heat shield and Cobb badge. Your Subaru will love you for it!

    The Stage 2+ Power Pack includes:

    • Cobb Accessport V3 - The most complete Subaru tuning solution on the planet
    • Cobb SF intake system with air box
    • Cobb 3" stainless steel downpipe - Cast bellmouth and high-flow catalytic converter for optimal exhaust flow
    • Cobb 3" stainless steel cat-back exhaust - Beautiful fabrication and awesome rumble
    • Cobb 3-port boost control solenoid
    • Stainless steel turbo heat shield - Protect key engine components from heat soak
    • Cobb Vehicle Badge - Custom chrome emblem; individual letters with 3D curvature

    Cobb estimates peak gains of +24% HP and +45% torque, compared to stock, when using 93 octane fuel.

    Fits all USDM 2006-2007 Subaru WRX. Does NOT fit non-US-market cars.

    • SKU#: K09125ST25

      Shipping Weight: 150.0 lb

      Supplier: Cobb Tuning

      Category: Cobb Accessport, Cobb Tuning, Power Packages