Cobb Stage 3+ Flex Fuel Power Package 2011-2014 STI Sedan

  • Harness the power of ethanol, while maintaining ease of ownership and the flexibility to fuel up where and when you want. Flex Fuel is a combination of hardware and software that will allow your car to run on any mixture of gasoline and E85 fuel. A fuel pressure sensor and ethanol content sensor will deliver fuel quality information back to the ECU, where it will adjust boost, fuel, and timing parameters accordingly. It's a whole new world of high performance.

    The Cobb Flex Fuel Package includes an ethanol sensor as well as a fuel pressur sensor. Utilizing COBB custom features along with this package, both fuel pressure and ethanol content values are able to be sent to the ECU and monitored via custom Accessport Monitors.

    Cobb Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Flex Fuel maps for AccessPort sare available now. Flex Fuel OTS maps are available for Stage 3 ONLY. Aside from the Stage 3 OTS map, ANY Flex Fuel implementation will require custom ECU tuning.

    This package includes the complete Flex Fuel hardware as mentioned above, plus an upgraded AEM fuel pump, Cobb/Injector Dynamics 1050cc fuel injectors, a complete turbo-back exhaust with high-flow catalytic converter, a Cobb SF intake system with air box, and a Cobb turbo heat shield. Oh, and a nice chrome Cobb badge.

    This part is in the process of external testing with the EO process ongoing.


    While we believe that that these parts comply with EPA’s Anti-Tampering Policy, they have not completed the testing/CARB EO submission process.

    Fits all USDM 2011-2014 Subaru WRX STI sedan. Does NOT fit non-US-market cars.

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    Supplier: Cobb Tuning

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