Diode Dynamics Subaru BRZ Switchback Turn Signal LED Boards

  • Change those white boomerang lamps to a white always-on running light, AND an amber turn signal!

    From the factory, the DRL LED bars in the headlight are illuminated by a circuit board that holds two Philips Rebel white LEDs. Our switchback board is a drop-in replacement. You don't have to align and fasten LEDs to shine in the bars- this is an OEM-grade solution. Just remove the old panel, and ours fits directly in place, with patent-pending fit and finish. 

    Made in USA, the Diode Dynamics replacement panels utilize high-power LED chips, which are rated at 12W of total power. Each LED has quality 45-mil LED chips, in amber and 6500K white. 

    To drive the high-power LEDs safely, a new constant-current, waterproof, inductive driver is included for each set.

    For OEM-grade reliability, the LEDs are protected by a thermal management system, which is integrated into the panel and driver. If the temperature of the LEDs becomes too high for any reason, the output of the LEDs will decrease, to ensure long life in even the harshest environments. And of course, the advanced constant-current driver ensures that there will be no damage to the LEDs long-term from the harsh electrical system of the vehicle.

    Professional installation is strongly recommended, as the factory headlights must be opened in order to replace the LED panels.

    Kit includes LED boards, drivers, controller, and installation instructions. All Diode Dynamics products are backed by a 3-year replacement warranty. US Patent Pending.

    Fits all 2013-2016 Subaru BRZ. Does NOT fit 2017+ BRZ.

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    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Diode Dynamics

    Category: Exterior Lighting