Dyno Tune Deposit

  • You can put a deposit down here for a dyno tuning session at Mach V Motorsports.  Call to schedule after completing your deposit payment.

    Download the dyno waiver form here.

    Pre-dyno checklist. Please check to be sure your car is ready! You will need...

    • At least 1/4 tank of fuel. (But not more than 1/2 tank if we will be replacing your fuel pump)
    • Oil topped off
    • Car in good running order and mechanical shape. If it is rattling, coughing, or stuttering, you'll need to fix any mechanical problems before the car comes to the dyno.
    • Tires aired up

    Note that the purpose of this deposit is to discourage people from not showing up on the day of the tune. The dyno is a large and expensive asset, and we try to keep it fully scheduled. If you cancel with less than 24 hours of lead time, for any reason, you will forfeit your deposit.

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