IBuildRacecars BRZ Manifold Kit 2015+ WRX

  • The iBR BRZ Manifold Kit for the 2015+ WRX platform is a complete complete kit to bolt on a BRZ or FRS intake manifold in a forward facing configuration. The BRZ manifold is a much better design than the original WRX manifold. It has larger runners, better flow and can be purchased in black plastic or a wrinkle red aluminum version. One of the big benefits to the BRZ manifold is the port injection provisions along with an already existing aftermarket support for fuel rails, injectors and other accessories. This kit is designed to get many of the benefits of an aftermarket intake manifold but with a much lower cost and great OEM level support. Included in the kit are brackets to block off the port injection as well as all necessary hardware for the install.

    You can use this kit with either the black plastic or red aluminum BRZ intake manifold.

    OEM intake manifold and gaskets sold separately:

    Choose red or black anodized CNC aluminum bits. Misc vacuum hoses and fittings will need to be used depending on your AOS and other mods. Professional installation and tuning is highly recommended.

    Note: ECU tuning is REQUIRED after installing this kit.

    Fits all 2015+ Subaru WRX and 2014+ Forester XT.

  • SKU#: 11338RE, 11338JE

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Supplier: IBuildRacecars

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