Invidia Catted Downpipe 2002-2007 WRX/STI 2003-2008 Forester XT

  • This very nice downpipe from Invidia features a cast, divorced bell-mouth exhaust collector.  The divider in the bell mouth separates the wastegate passage from the main exhaust passage to reduce turbulence at the turbo. The high-flow catalytic converter is nice for the environment, and allows you to pass visual and tailpipe emissions tests. (If you're just planning to drive your car at the track, there's a cat-free version over HERE.)

    This is one of the nicest downpipes made, with beautiful machining on the front and back flanges, fully polished 3" stainless steel pipe, and smooth mandrel bends.

    NOTE: Whenever you modify your factory catalytic converter, you may end up with a "catalytic converter efficiency" check engine light (CEL) code. Although you are less likely to have this code if you do have some kind of cat in the system, you may still get the code, even with a high-flow cat.  Use custom ECU tuning to remedy this issue, if necessary.

    Bolts up to most any cat-back that's designed to mate to a flat flange. NOT ideal for the stock cat-back, but could be made to fit with this adapter.

    A rear gasket, nuts and bolts are included. The turbo-to-downpipe gasket is not included.

    Fits all US-market 2002-2007 WRX and WRX STi, and Forester XT 2003-2008. Does NOT fit Japan-market twin-scroll turbo cars.

    Please read our FAQ page on catalytic converters before purchasing this part.

    Availability note: Supply on Invidia products has been spotty. Please call about product availability before ordering.


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    Supplier: Invidia

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