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5x100 5x114x


ISC 5x100 to 5x114 Wheel Bolt Pattern Adapters

5x100 5x114x


  • IISC wheel adapters allow you to convert your WRX from 5x100 to the more common 5x114.3. Converting to 5x114.3 makes wheel shopping a lot easier and allows for more selection compared to 5x100. The bolt pattern adapters are made from CNC-machined 7075 lightweight high grade billet aluminum and are available in 15 or 25mm widths. Choose from black or gold anodizing; either way, the ISC logo is laser-engraved on each unit.  Grade 10.9 hardware is included

    Note: 15mm adapters are thin, so the factory studs will stick out beyond the spacer. That means the 5x114 wheels you are bolting on MUST have pockets in back for the studs to poke into or modifications will need to be made to the studs.

    Fits all 5x100-bolt-pattern Subaru cars.

    Set of four 5x100 wheel adapters, with hardware.


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