LIC Motorsports Air Pump Delete Plates

  • The LIC Motorsports air pump delete plates (aka block-off plates) are used to bypass the air pump solenoids that are prone to failure on the newer model vehicles. Unlike other blockoff plates, the air pump hardware can be left in place, and the factory tubing can be installed over top of the blockoff plates, so the blockoff can be virtually invisible.

    The LIC Motorsports block off plates feature 2 precision 304 stainless steel left/right specific plates, OEM gaskets, allen button head class 10.9 (Grade 8 Hardware), a dull finish to blend with the rest of the aluminum components once installed, and last but not least....they are proudly made in the USA.


    x1 304 SS Left Plate
    x1 304 SS Right Plate
    x1 OEM Gasket (14852AA030)
    x1 OEM Gasket (14852AA020)
    x2 8mm Hardware (Class 10.9, Grade 8), 5mm head
    x2 6mm Hardware (Class 10.9, Grade 8), 4mm head
  • SKU#: 09161

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Manufacturer: LIC Motorsports

    Category: Engine Miscellaneous