Luxer1 LED Replacement Light Panel - Six-LED Type A

  • These super-high-quality LED panels are from Japanese manufacturer Luxer1.  They feature top-quality Nichia LED units, and they come with interchangeable bulb socket adapters so you can fit them in almost any automotive light fixture.

    This kit features a six-LED panel with dimensions 26mm long x 14mm wide x 6.5mm thick.  The Type A kit includes three adapters: A 194 socket adapter, a small push-and-turn style socket adapter, and a 31mm festoon bulb adapter.  Just plug the appropriate adapter into the LED panel, then put the adapter in the car's bulb socket.  It's as easy as replacing a bulb.

    Fits most Subaru interior bulb sockets, and many other cars, too.  We do also stock a Type B kit, which has different bulb adapters.

    We bought a huge quantity of these, so we can mark them down for MASSIVE savings compared to their retail price. Red and blue cost even less!

  • SKU#: 05664BL, 05664RE, 05664WH

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Luxer1

    Category: Interior Lighting