Mach V 22mm Rear Sway Bar Kit 2008+ WRX/STI

  • The Mach V sway bar kit is specifically designed for your 2008-2017 WRX or STI. Constructed from high-strength spring steel, the bar includes thoughtful touches like built-in lateral-locating flanges, and three adjustment holes per side for a total of five degrees of adjustment for the bar stiffness. The 22mm diameter is our recommended size for an upgrade bar on the rear of the 2008+ WRX or STI, and works great on street cars or for mild track or autocross use. (Stock is 20mm. Since the stiffness of a sway bar goes up proportional to the fourth power of the diameter, a 22mm bar is 46% stiffer than a 20mm bar.) The handsome deep blue powder coat finish is tough and resists corrosion.

    Because the factory sway bar mounts are rather thin and weak, we've also included custom reinforcement brackets. These keep the stock mounts triangulated and the sway bar working as it should, rather than flexing under hard load. The brackets are powder coated deep blue to match the sway bars.

    Finally, we included custom black polyurethane sway bar bushings complete with heavy-duty brackets.

    Fits all 2008+ Subaru WRX and STI, including 2015+.

  • SKU#: 10600

    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Sway Bars