Mach V Transmission Reinforcement Brace Kit Subaru 5MT

  • The Subaru five-speed transmission is notoriously fragile, and with even modest power increases can be prone to broken gears. One contributing factor to this is the relatively weak transmission case. Under high loads, the case can flex and distort, which leads to improper gear meshing and stress build-up on the gears themselves.

    Keeping the transmission in its proper shape goes a long way toward preserving the gears inside it. Our Transmission Reinforcment Brace (TRB) kit does exactly that. The kit bolts to the exterior of the transmission case, greatly increasing the rigidity of the case and improving its resistance to flex, twist, or distort under high loads. (You may know of similar products as "blast plates.")

    The Mach V TRB kit consists of two high-strength 3/16" steel plates, custom fabricated to conform to the contours of the 5MT transmission. Stand-offs are built into the plates to minimize additional hardware and to simplify installation. The plates are finished with a handsome pebble-finish black powder coat for long life and corrosion resistance.

    Each plate is itself reinforced by perpendicular cross-braces of the same 3/16" steel. The whole assembly is precision welded to ensure perfect fit.

    The TRB kit includes custom high-strength socket-head bolts that span all the way through the transmission. Installation is simple; with the transmission out of the car, just remove the four factory cross-bolts, fit up the TRB plates, and install the included longer bolts. (Torque the smaller fasteners to 18 ft-lbs and the larger ones to 29 ft-lbs.)

    Note that depending on the chassis, you may have to clearance the fasteners and/or the chassis to fit the braces.

    Kit includes two transmission reinforcement braces, four custom corrosion-resistant bolts, and matching washers and nuts.

    Fits all 2002-2014 Subaru WRX five-speed transmission. Also fits similar-vintage Forester and Legacy five-speed manual transmissions.


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