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MeLe Design 900-Series Battery Mount 2009-2013 Forester

battery box post-facelift pre-facelift SH

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  • We love this elegantly-designed battery mount from MeLe Design Firm. It's made in the U.S.A. of precision CNC-cut- and -bent 5052 marine-grade aluminum, hand-riveted and TIG welded for maximum strength and longevity. Foam gasketing keeps the battery from rattling around. Custom stainless steel hardware attaches the mount to the car, and a ball-and-spring pin keeps the top securely closed. Each mount has its own serial number for quality control and authenticity.

    The 900-series mount holds a mid-size 925 battery, making it an excellent compromise between weight-savings and power reserve. We suggest this mount for a daily-driver or for motorsports applications. If you want maximum weight savings and can give up some of that reserve capacity, we recommend the 600-series mount.

    The battery mount is designed to accept an Odyssey PC925, XS-Power D-925, or Full Throttle FT410 (available with the mount, if you'd like). With the battery, the mount sheds around 7 pounds from the nose of your Subaru. It also results in a cleaner engine bay, with extra space to mount accessories like the Cobb Tuning Flex Fuel kit, or the iWire Fuel Pump Controller kit.

    Installation is straightforward; the mount fits existing holes and there is no drilling required. Find installation instructions here.

    Black powder coat finish. Choose bare mount, or battery mount plus Odyssey battery and terminals.

    Fits all 2009-2013 Subaru Forester.

  • SKU#: 13467, K13467

    Shipping Weight: 7.0 lb

    Supplier: MeLe Design

    Category: Engine Miscellaneous, MeLe Design Firm