Perrin Blow-Through Boost Tube

  • The Blow-Thru Boost Tube is intended for use on Subarus which are using aftermarket turbo chargers that can "outflow" the stock intake system. It replaces a PERRIN front mount intercooler boost tube with one that is larger and accepts the factory MAF sensor, relocating it from the intake system to the the boost tube, allowing the ECU to read more air flow, in turn allowing the tuner to tune beyond 450WHP!

    The Blow-Thru Boost Tube has a BigMAF built into it which requires ECU re-calibration in order to run properly on your vehicle. This BigMaf is designed to do two things:

    1. Allow your ECU to accurately measure airflow above and beyond what the stock intake can measure.
    2. It is sized specifically to offset the use of 800cc fuel injectors.

    Available in black or red powder coat.  Fits all 2002-2007 WRX and STI equipped with Perrin FMIC kit.

  • SKU#: 09067RE, 09067JE

    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Perrin

    Category: Intercoolers, Other Accessories