Process West FA Intake Manifold Polished 2015-2021 Subaru WRX


  • This is the Process West FA Intake Manifold. This intake manifold has been designed utilizing a billet aluminum plenum that provides more volumetric efficiency, and it is ideal for those of you looking for a proper intake manifold that can handle more power and boost. The factory intake manifold is made using plastic construction, and although it is an effective factory design that can handle bolt-ons, it can be a limiting factor in terms of flow for those of you with larger turbocharger builds making more power that will greatly surpass the limits of the factory intake manifold.

    Features :
    • Durable billet aluminum plenum construction
    • Cast aluminum large-bore runners
    • Computer designed and tested internal plenum porting
    • Provides an overall larger volume and greater runner capacity for optimal cylinder filling
    • Polished finish
    • Strong tig-welds designed to handle 100+ psi of boost
    • The plenum has been designed to aggressive low and mid-range torque while opening up power higher in the rev range
    • Ideal for those making more boost and power that would otherwise surpass the limits of the factory intake manifold
    • Designed for the 2.0-liter FA application
    • Ideal for high-powered street cars, drag cars, or track-dedicated race cars and rally cars
    • Provides a clean and custom engine bay aesthetic
    • Will not trigger a CEL and no tuning will be required

    Fits 2015-2021 WRX


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    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Supplier: FastWRX.com