RaceComp Engineering Sway Bar Set 2015+ STI

  • RaceComp Engineering is proud to announce their new hollow sway bars for the 2015+ STI. Featuring a diameter of 25.5mm coupled with a tubular design, RCE swaybars weigh less yet offer similar rigidity as a solid bar. Both front and rear bars offer two-point adjustability for drivers to tune to their preference. Designed to work with cars on stock springs, lowering springs or coilovers; this is the perfect bar for anyone ranging from the average enthusiast to the hardcore track/auto-x guys and gals.

    HARD = 51%
    SOFT = 32%

    HARD = 51%
    SOFT = 16%

    Set of two bars, plus polyurethane bushings, waterproof lube, and installation instructions. Fits all 2015+ STI.


  • SKU#: 10038STI

    Shipping Weight: 60.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Racecomp Engineering

    Category: Racecomp Engineering, Sway Bars