Raceseng Slammology Shift Knob (6-speed manual transmission)

  • The Slammology is a great-looking knob with a solid weight at 480 grams -- about a pound. The solid stainless steel core is wrapped in a CNC-machined Delrin outer case that acts as an insulater -- the knob will feel cool to the hand in summer, warm in winter. The top of the stainless core is CNC-engraved with the Subaru six-speed shift pattern, although in this case the Delrin cover covers over that pattern.

    This shift knob fits your six-speed Subaru and comes with all hardware needed for installation. A special set screw allows you to fine-tune the height. Select from your choice of four colors for the outer Delrin cover.

    67mm (2 5/8") tall, 54mm (2 1/8") diameter.

    Find installation instructions HERE.

    Fits all Subaru six-speed manual cars.

    IMPORTANT: Please specify which shift pattern you have -- reverse on RIGHT (STI, 2015+ WRX, among others...), or reverse on LEFT (BRZ/FR-S). You might ask, "Why does this matter? This knob doesn't even have a shift pattern showing." That's true, but because the stainless steel Ology core is modular, you could later thread on a different cover that exposes the shift pattern printed on the stainless steel core.

  • SKU#: 10822JE, 10823JE, 10822RO, 10823RO, 10822WH, 10823WH

    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Raceseng

    Category: Raceseng, Shift Knobs