Sale! Rota Kensei 18x9.5 +35 5x100

  • Clearance sale! The 18x9.5" Rota Kensei is a big wheel with an aggressively low offset. It's going to fit best on newer widebody 5x100 Subarus. (That's 2011-2014 WRX.) The +35 offset brings it right to the edge of the fender for a really aggressive stance. With a generous 2.5" polished diamond-cut* deep lip and black hex fasteners around the edge of the center disc, the design mimics the appearance of a high-end two-piece forged wheel, although it's really a cast one-piece wheel. (Shh. We won't tell.) 

    Available in matte black (silver is out of stock). 24.1 pounds each.

    For tires on a 2011-2014 WRX, we'd go with a 255/35R18, but note that you'll probably have to perform some minor fender rolling in back. A 245/40R18 will also fit nicely.

    Note that this is an aggressive offset and size. The +35 offset is lower than the usual wheels we sell for these cars, which means the wheels and tires will be closer to the fenders. If you're putting this on a GD (2002-2007) chassis Subaru with any kind of big tire size (245 or larger), or a GR/GV (2008-2014) with 255 or larger, you'll probably need to roll or otherwise modify your fenders. We will NOT accept returns because of tire fitment issues.

    18x9.5" +35 5x100. Priced PER wheel. Center caps are included. 73mm hub bore; hubcentric rings are included to fit Subaru cars at no charge. We do recommend replacement valve stems, and aftermarket lug nuts.

    Special clearance pricing while supplies last!

    Note: Because of the large size and the nature of the product, there are NO returns on wheel purchases. MAKE SURE your wheel SIZE, BOLT PATTERN, and OFFSET are correct before ordering!

    *Polished lip on silver color only.

  • SKU#: 10963FB, 10963RS

    Shipping Weight: 33.0 lb

    Supplier: Rota

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