Seibon CWII-Style Hood 2008-2014 Impreza/WRX/STI

  • Unlike the older WRX, which had a lightweight aluminum hood, the 2008+ car has a hood made of STEEL. It weighs a ton! (Okay, not a ton, but over 40 pounds.) So there's a serious opportunity to take about 22 pounds off the nose of the car, and lower the center of gravity, by installing a lightweight carbon version. The CWII-Style hood features two extra vents for additional air intake. NOTE: We make no claims about the suitability of these vents for actual road use. If you are concerned about water, snow, leaves, birds, or whatever getting into your engine bay, we would suggest the OEM-Style hood instead. That said, we've had one on our shop car for more than two years, through all kinds of crazy weather, and have not had any problems. Like all Seibon hoods, this one uses all the factory mounting points, including the factory latch. But we do suggest hood pins on any aftermarket hood. (This item cannot be shipped by air.)
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    Shipping Weight: 400.0 lb

    Supplier: Seibon

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