Subaru 6-Speed Transmission Service Fluid Kit

  • When it's time to change the transmission and rear differential fluid, these kits make it easy. You get enough Motul transmission fluid for your gearbox, in the formula of your choice, and a bottle of fluid for the rear diff.

    Tech note: Some people have called us asking, "How come you only include four liters of trans fluid when my service manual says more?" The answer is that when you're changing the fluid, a lot of the fluid is going to stay in the transmission, stuck between the gears and other parts. The result is that it takes less fluid than the manual specifies to fill the transmission full. The amount we sell in these kits is just the right amount for your fluid change.

    Choose from three options:

    1. 4 liters of Motul Gear 300 75/90 and a 2 liter jug of Motul 90PA
    2. 4 liters of Motul Gear 300 75/90 LS and a 2 liter jug of 90PA
    3. 5 liters of Motul Gear 300 75/90

    Option 2. is for people who like the feel of the 75/90 LS fluid in the trans. The Subaru transmission does NOT require the LS additive, but some of our customers like the shifting feel with the LS fluid.

    Option 3. is intended for the 2007+ STI (including 2015+ STI), which came with a Torsen type rear diff, and that calls for a 75W90 weight fluid in the rear diff.

    This kit is intended for the STI six-speed manual transmission. The 2015+ WRX six-speed is based on the older five-speed transmission, so it uses this kit.

    The BRZ/FR-S six-speed manual is again a different gearbox. We do have a kit for that car, too.

  • SKU#: K04535A, K04535J, K04535K

    Shipping Weight: 17.0 lb

    Supplier: Motul

    Category: Drivetrain Fluids