Subaru Forester F Grille Badge

  • This grille badge is from the SF-chassis Subaru Forester, and features a stylized "F" shape instead of the more traditional Subaru six stars logo. Four posts coming off the back are intended for use with a bracket and spring clips, which are NOT included. Clip them off and epoxy it to something, or make your own bracket and acquire some spring clips from your local Subaru dealership.

    Choose from pink/chrome or black/chrome color scheme. About 7.5" long, 3" high.

    Both these badges are now discontinued, and we're out of the black one, but we still have a few of the pink ones left. Get them while you can.

    Imported from Japan.


  • SKU#: 11171, 11172

    Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

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