Subaru OEM Rear H6 Rotor Upgrade 2002-2005 WRX

  • If you've upgraded to big front brakes, or if you use your car aggressively -- like at the road race course, you might want to think about a rear brake upgrade. The early-model (pre-2006) U.S.-spec WRX has some of the dinkiest rear rotors around -- they're 10.3" in diameter. Upgrade to a bigger size easily and affordably, using our simple kit. This kit uses parts from Subaru's own parts bin, so you know they're high quality. You get two one-inch-larger than stock (11.4" diameter!) rotors, and two caliper mounting brackets to move the caliper to the correct position for the new rotor, plus two Centric rotors. Your stock calipers are retained, so you don't have to worry about changing calipers or pads. Notes: The stock dust shield is removed and NOT re-installed. It will be too small for the larger rotor. Unless you are a using the car for rallying, the dust shield is not necessary for street use. Also, if you have a 2004-05 WRX, you will need to switch to 2003-style brake pads, since the bracket is intended for that style pad.

    Fits all 2002-05 WRX. Does NOT fit 2006+ models.

  • SKU#: K00844

    Shipping Weight: 40.0 lb

    Supplier: Subaru

    Category: Brake Kits