TurboXS Ti-Tip Rear Section Axle-Back 2002-2007 WRX/STI

  • This TurboXS axle-back exhaust features all-stainless piping 3" piping, polished stainless muffler, and a 4.5" titanium exhaust tip. The axle-back segment features a dual-drilled flange, so it fits up to either your TurboXS Super Stealth system (for a full 3" system with no neck-down) or your stock exhaust. The angled muffler makes for fewer bends to provide maximum exhaust flow (see the inset picture to compare with the TurboXS standard axle-back). This exhaust is pretty loud! If you are concerned about volume, we suggest the standard TurboXS muffler. But if you want to be noticed, and enjoy a nice, deep sound, go for this one. Note: Now shipping WITH flame-blued tip!

    Fits 2002-07 WRX and WRX STI.

  • SKU#: 01822

    Shipping Weight: 50.0 lb

    Manufacturer: TurboXS

    Category: Axle-Back Exhaust Systems, Cat-Back Exhaust Systems, TurboXS