6MT CVT down pipe downpipe FA20T j pipe VAWRX

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VSC Performance GESI Catted J-Pipe 2015-2021 WRX

6MT CVT down pipe downpipe FA20T j pipe VAWRX

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  • VSC Performance is the parts branch of Vermont SportsCar, the legendary builder of Subaru rally cars and the company responsible for all of Subaru of America's motorsports programs.

    The VSC Performance GESI catted J-pipe is a motorsports-oriented part designed to allow legal transit on public roads while providing the highest-possible flow for performance on rally stages and rally cross events.

    The J-pipe is made of all stainless steel 304 mandrel-bent tubing, with thick stainless steel flanges and extra-beefy support brackets. The 49-state GESI cat is the latest generation for maximum compatibility and minimum chance of Check Engine lights. A flat flange at the rear of the J-pipe bolts directly the VSC Performance cat-back, or most other aftermarket cat-backs that have a flat flange on the front.

    You could also pair this J-pipe with a stock-style cat-back with a donut gasket by using an adapter, sold separately. 

    Because you have sharp eyes, you probably noticed there are TWO support brackets on the middle of this downpipe. Why? That's so you can bolt this to either a manual transmission (6MT) WRX, OR a CVT-equipped car! This is the only J-pipe we know of that fits both.

    This pipe is not CARB-approved and therefore cannot be sold to California residents. For other states, please read and understand your local laws; we do not claim to know the latest state laws in every one of the 49 US states. Athough we use GESI cat-equipped J-pipes regularly and our customers have good luck with them, we cannot guarantee that this pipe will not trigger catalytic-converter Check Engine light codes, and we will not accept returns or warranty claims related to such codes.

    Bolts and gaskets are included. Turbo studs are not included; you can buy spare ones HERE.

    Fits all 2015-2021 Subaru WRX.

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