Motorsports Tech 5x100-to-5x114 Wheel Bolt Pattern Adapters

  • The WRX STI comes with some really nice wheels, especially those lovely forged BBS wheels. The trouble is, with the exception of the rare 2004 wheels, all the others are 5x114 bolt pattern and won't fit any 5x100 Subaru models. Drat! Fear not! Mach V has a solution. This set of bolt pattern adapters will allow you to bolt STI wheels to your WRX. (Or Legacy, Forester, or other 5x100 Subaru.) Unlike most bolt pattern adapters, these are only 15mm thick, so the resulting offset is relatively liveable -- a +55 STI wheel would turn into the equivalent of a +40 with these adapters.

    There are a couple of caveats. The main one is that because the spacers are so thin, the factory studs will stick out beyond the spacer. That means the 5x114 wheels you are bolting on MUST have pockets in back for the studs to poke into, and depending on the wheel and the thickness of your brake rotor hats, the studs may still poke out enough to contact the wheel. Make sure to CHECK your wheels for clearance before you order these, and then test-fit carfully before tightening your wheels down. Most STI wheels DO have such pockets on the back side, although our customers report that the 2011-2013 Enkei STI wheels have triangular pockets that don't quite clear the lug nuts on these adapters. Customers have successfully modified those wheels to fit, but do that at your own risk. Another option would be to cut off a few millimeters of the original studs; again, do this at your own risk.

    Also note that we will not be responsible for problems with fender-to-tire clearance. Do your homework and make sure the resulting size/offset will fit your car in the way you want. We will NOT take back these adapters once they're installed. Fits all 5x100 Subaru cars. Sold as a set of FOUR precision-CNC-machined billet aluminum bolt pattern adapters, and twenty special low-profile lug nuts. The adapters are hub-centric for both the car and your wheels.

    Black anodized finish. Set of four adapters.

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    Shipping Weight: 10.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Motorsports Tech

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