SK Forester Trunk Garnish Install Instructions

SK Forester Trunk Garnish Install Instructions

This Japan-import part doesn't come with installation instructions. A Japanese enthusiast posted some Japanese language how-to's over on the Minkara website, and we have reproduced them here.

1. Clean the surface of the lift gate thoroughly. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any oils.


2. Attach the L-shaped protector temporary placement part to the lower end of the rear gate with double-sided tape. Make sure that the protector does not fall off.


3. Cut the alignment paper and paste it on both sides.


4. Align the protector to the scale so that both sides are even.


5. Mark the attachment position with masking tape.
6. After positioning, peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the protector and stick it from the center. Of the three (center → top → bottom) → in order of both sides.
7. Complete!

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