Your Subaru's stock exhaust system is designed to minimize noise and to be manufactured cheaply. That leaves a lot of horsepower on the table! Aftermarket exhaust parts can free up horsepower and liberate that classic Subaru rumble that we all know and love. (Yes, we're aware that the 2015+ WRX has an equal-length header and doesn't have the boxer rumble any more. It still sounds better with an aftermarket exhaust system.)

Here you'll find turbo-back exhausts, cat-back systems, downpipes, headers, up pipes, J-pipes, exhaust gaskets, and more. Our Exhaust Accessories section contains exhaust-related parts like heat wrap and exhaust hangers.

Tech tip: Subaru WRX 2002-2005, and Legacy GT/Outback XT 2005-2006, had a catalytic converter-equipped up pipe. After that, the OEM up pipe did not contain a catalytic converter.