Like clothes make the man, wheels can transform the appearance -- and the function -- of your Subaru. They are the most visually striking modification you can make. Mach V stocks an array of Subaru-fit wheels, including Rota, Prodrive, and our own Awesome and Wicked Awesome wheels. All the wheels for sale here were chosen for their excellent suitability for Subaru applications. Unlike some places, we won't sell you generic wheels that are the wrong bolt pattern, wrong offset, or that don't have enough brake clearance to fit your car.

Vocabulary pointer: Wheels are sometimes referred to as "rims." Technically the rim is the edge of the wheel, not the whole wheel. But if you want to refer to them as Subaru rims, that's your call.

Tech tip: All Subaru WRX cars through 2014, plus 2004 WRX STi and all BRZ, have a 5x100 bolt pattern. 2005+ STI and 2015+ WRX have a 5x114 bolt pattern.

Rota KB-F 18x8.5 +44 5x114.3 Quick View
Rota KB-F 18x8.5 +44 5x114.3 $259.00