Stock Subaru turbochargers are usually pretty small, prioritizing response over top-end power. If you're willing to accept a little more turbo lag, you can get vast increases in horsepower from a larger-frame turbocharger.

Blouch Turbo is our preferred aftermarket turbocharger supplier. We have been working with Blouch for more than ten years, and we have great results with their product. Of particular note are the XT-R turbos, which feature the latest CNC-milled compressor wheels combined with ball-bearing center sections. Their ball bearing turbos utilize cutting edge technology for top performance.

If you're not looking for an upgrade, we also stock OEM replacement turbos to just get your Subaru back on the road. See our selection of Subaru turbos below.

Blouch 16G XT-R Quick View
Blouch 16G XT-R from $1,495.00
Blouch 18G XT Turbo Quick View
Blouch 18G XT Turbo from $1,250.00
Blouch 18G-XTR with Coated Turbine Housing Quick View
Blouch 18G XT-R Turbo from $1,550.00

Blouch 20G XT Turbo Quick View
Blouch 20G XT Turbo from $1,451.00
Blouch 20G XT-R Turbo Quick View
Blouch 20G XT-R Turbo from $1,595.00
Blouch 380XT TurboCharger Quick View
Blouch 380XT TurboCharger from $1,395.00 $1,499.00

Blouch 440XT Turbocharger Quick View
Blouch 440XT Turbocharger from $1,449.00 $1,724.00

Adjustable Internal Wastegate (IWG) Bracket Quick View
Adjustable Internal Wastegate (IWG) Bracket $39.00
IHI VF48 Turbo Quick View
IHI VF48 Turbo $1,299.09

IHI VF43 Turbocharger Quick View
IHI VF43 Turbocharger $1,350.00
IHI VF52 Turbo Quick View
IHI VF52 Turbo $1,299.00

Cobb TD05H 20G-8 Turbocharger Quick View
Cobb TD05H 20G-8 Turbocharger $1,250.00

Blouch 16G XT Turbo Quick View
Blouch 16G XT Turbo from $995.00 $1,295.00