Mach V 17x9 Awesome Wheel

  • It's our first Mach V-branded wheel. We humbly call it the Awesome. It's a 17x9" wheel with a +42 offset. It's drilled with BOTH 5x114 and 5x100 bolt patterns, so it fits ANY Subaru application. Oh, and it easily fits over Brembo brakes. 56.1mm hub bore means it's hubcentric for any Subaru, no hub rings required.

    Flow-form casting means high strength and light weight -- it's only 17.8 pounds, despite the 9" width.

    Note that the spoke decals shown on some of the photos are sold separately, but Mach V center caps are included. We do recommend aftermarket lug nuts. We also suggest a new set of valve stems for the TPMS sensors. These 5 spoke rims are available in Gunmetal, matte black, gold, and Metal Silver.

    Priced per wheel.

    Note: Because of the large size and the nature of the product, there are NO returns on Subaru rims or wheel purchases. MAKE SURE your wheel SIZE, BOLT PATTERN, and OFFSET are correct before ordering!

  • SKU#: 07594GO, 07594GU, 07594SI, 07594MA

    Shipping Weight: 30.0 lb

    Manufacturer: Mach V Motorsports

    Category: Wheels