State of the Global Supply Chain Fall 2021

It's probably not news to you, but this has been a crazy year, and doing business in the world has been challenging to say the least. Due to a variety of factors, global production and transportation of goods has not been able to meet demand, especially U.S. demand. Manufacturers overseas are short of raw materials and short of labor, and even once they product the product, there is a shortage of shipping containers for them to load product into. 

Even if/when the product gets onto a ship and floats over here to the U.S., there is a backup at the port -- earlier this month there were over 100 ships loitering outside the port of Long Beach/Los Angeles, waiting to offload. Once the containers are offloaded, there is then a shortage of truck drivers to drive the containers to their final U.S. destination.

What does this mean to you? It means a lot of the product we usually have in stock is on backorder, and some of it has been for many months. Most problematic are large/bulky items, particularly exhaust systems. Wheels have also been difficult to get. Intercoolers and intercooler kits have been scarce, too.

That's not to say we don't have ANY product, but the supply has been limited and it comes in here and there in smaller batches than we are used to.

If you have questions about stock on anything you are looking to purchase, give us a call. Our website does NOT have live inventory status, so even if an item has an "Add to Cart" button, it could be out of stock. If you do place an order and we're out of stock on one or more items, we will contact you.

If you are thinking of buying something, and you have confirmed with us that it IS in stock, we would suggest you jump on it and get it while you can. These days items seem to go out of stock without warning, and we have talked to many disappointed customers who called about availability one week, then tried to order a week or so later, only to find out the item had gone out of stock.

To try to accommodate the tight supply situation, we have made some changes in our infrastructure. The biggest change is that we more than doubled our warehouse space so we can keep more of your favorite products in stock, and with luck we will better be able to handle backlogs on popular products.

So, in conclusion -- please bear with us. We're still shipping lots of parts every day, and the large majority of things we carry are still in stock as normal. Thanks for being our customers, and thank you for your patience.

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