State of the Global Supply Chain Spring 2022

State of the Global Supply Chain Spring 2022

Supply chain backlogs and slowdowns that we were talking about six months ago have caught up with the rest of the economy, and inflation during past couple of months has been higher than any time in the last two decades. 

For us the result has been nearly across-the-board price increases from our suppliers, most of which took effect on the first of the year or the first of February. Unfortunately that means we had to adjust our retail prices accordingly, although in some cases we have been able to absorb the higher wholesale prices.

We would like to think these global supply chain struggles will be short-lived, but the causes are complicated and interconnected, and if we were to guess we'd say it is likely we are going be living with this situation through the end of 2022 at least.

We did have to nudge prices up slightly on our own Mach V Crucial and Awesome/Wicked Awesome wheel lines. Maybe it's small consolation, but we are proud that this is the first time we have raised prices on those products since we have offered them -- more than ten years! We still think they represent excellent value and performance compared to the competing product.

Along with the price adjustments, we are STILL seeing product shortages in several categories, including exhaust systems, intercoolers, and some suspension components.

We realize that we are not alone in dealing with these challenges, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to navigate in some turbulent economic waters.

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