IAG Stock Location Oil Feed Line AVCS to Turbo 2006-2014 WRX/2004-2020 STI

  • The OEM Subaru turbo oil feed line is a known weak point that can be easily damaged when removing or installing a turbo. The IAG stainless steel AVCS and turbo line kit is a bullet proof solution that allows removal and installation of the turbo without purchasing a new OEM hard line. Their line kit is easily installed and does not require removal of the intake manifold or crossover pipe. The banjo fittings are made from steel and coated in zinc for corrosion resistance. The braided lines are suited for a high temperature environment and feature a teflon coated inner liner.



    2006-2014 WRX

    2004-2020 STI

    2005-2009 LGT

    2004-2008 FXT

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    Shipping Weight: 2.0 lb

    Supplier: IAG

    Category: Engine Maintenance, IAG Performance