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TurboXS Front-Mount Intercooler Kit 2002-2007 WRX and STI

blobeye bugeye EJ20 EJ25 GD GG hawkeye metalmani WS-FMIC WS-FMIC-0607

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  • The idea behind a front-mounted intercooler is to have a larger intercooler core, plus to position the intercooler where it receives maximum cooling. Putting the intercooler directly in nose of the car means it gets the highest volume of cool, high-pressure air, and it's not soaking up heat from the engine. The result is decreased intake temperatures, meaning more horsepower at the same boost level, and the ability to run more turbo boost for even more power.

    This is one of the largest (perhaps THE largest) front-mount kits there is. It's 3.3 TIMES the volume of the stock top-mount intercooler. The new core is redesigned for even lower pressure drop.

    The workmanship on this kit is top-notch. The bar-and-plate core makes for highly-efficient cooling, and features lower pressure-drop than the stock core, meaning the turbocharger does not have to work as hard to maintain the same boost pressure. Precision-formed cast aluminum end tanks direct air across the entire core. Mandrel-bent aluminum tubing is light weight and provides smooth airflow, and the four-ply silicone/Nomex lower pipes and couplers are extremely resistant to heat and tearing.

    Of course, the added tubing lengths mean you will see some additional "turbo lag." But for road racers, drag racers, and just hard-core street performance fans, this front-mount kit ideal for high horsepower.

    Note: You must run the TurboXS intake system with the TurboXS FMIC kit. Other short ram systems MAY fit, but many will not because their filter diameter is too large. You cannot use a "cold air" system, because the intake takes up the same room as the intercooler piping.

    Kit comes complete with core, intake piping, aluminum radiator overflow tank, T-bolt clamps, and high-strength silicone couplers. Kit shown above with the TurboXS "shorty" intake, sold separately. The kit comes with a flange to allow fitment of your stock WRX compressor bypass valve, or any other stock-fit BPV or BOV.

    Fits all 2002-07 WRX and WRX STI.

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