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GrimmSpeed Cherry Blossom Paint


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  • Paint your suspension components, paint your emblems, paint your wheels, anything you think of could be perfectly matched! There is NO other way to get a perfect color match and now it is available in a convenient spray can.

    Expanding the possibilities, it's what you can expect from Grimmspeed.

    Clear coats and application
    We suggest the color coats to happen within an hour of eachother. We recommend using clear coat 3-4 days AFTER the coats to prevent the occurence of lifting and/or wrinkling. Any clear should work but we suggest testing a sample area first. A clear coat isn't necessary however.

    Two cans of GrimmSpeed Cherry Blossom Paint will thoroughly coat the faces of 4 wheels. If you want to coat the inside drums and outside fully we suggest 3-4 cans

    12oz can.

  • SKU#: 08648PI

    Shipping Weight: 3.0 lb

    Supplier: GrimmSpeed

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