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ARP Wheel Studs

100-7716 5x100 5x114 5x114x


  • If you have wheel spacers, extra-thick wheels, or you just want longer studs so it's easier to swap wheels at the track, we've got you covered. Set of five ARP stock-thread-pitch (1.25) studs for all Subaru models. Bullet nose design makes for easy thread starting and sliding wheels on over them is a cinch.

    There are two sizes. The longer size is about 35mm longer than stock; the shorter is around 23mm longer than stock. Note that stock studs vary in length for different models.

    • Long: Underhead length 76mm. Thread length 53mm
    • Short: Underhead length 63mm. Thread length 45mm. 

    Just by way of comparison, a stock Subaru stud from a 2008+ WRX/STI has an underhead length of 43mm and a thread length of 26mm.

    Set of five studs. Order two packs for an axle set, four for a full car set.

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