5x114 5x114x BT BW TPMS WM


Subaru Tire Pressure Sensor 2018+ Legacy/Outback/Ascent

5x114 5x114x BT BW TPMS WM


  • The 2018+ Ascent/Legacy/Outback cars ride on Subaru's new Global Platform architecture, and use new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors. Each wheel contains a sensor integrated with the valve stem. If you change to aftermarket wheels, you'll need to EITHER swap your sensors over to the new wheels, or buy new sensors.

    If you are SWAPPING the sensors, you'll find it's almost impossible to remove the special valve stems without tearing them. You can order just the valve stems separately.

    Note that you'll need to drop by your Subaru dealership (or by Mach V Motorsports) to have the car programmed to recognize new sensors.

    Includes pressure sensor and special valve stem. Works on all 2018+ Subaru Ascent, Legacy and Outback models.

    Note: May not work with TPMS programmers outside the U.S.

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