Do You Have a Military Discount?

Military IDs

The short answer is: Sorry, but no.

To give a little more explanation, we don't have a military discount program for reasons of cost and complexity. First, administering a military discount program costs time and money, both in the discount itself and in the management of the program. To avoid everyone taking advantage of the discount, you have to require proof of military service, and then verify that it's real proof. You can do that in-house, or you can pay an outside service to do it, but either way, it costs.

Secondly, there's the kind of complex edges of a military service discount. Who gets the discount? Active military only? Reserves? Retired military? Family of military service members? What about other first responders? Do police officers get a discount? Fire fighters?

To avoid having to disappoint some of our customers, and to avoid having to pronounce judgment on these various cases, we find it simpler to just charge as low a price as we can on the parts we sell, and to have these same low prices for all our customers.

We do appreciate those who serve our country, particularly those who are actively in harm's way and risk their lives so the rest of us can live happily here at home in comfort and safety. For those of you who choose to follow that path, we thank you with all our hearts, and you have our respect and gratitude.