Front-Mounted Intercooler

TurboXS front-mounted intercooler (FMIC) kitFor ideal intake charge-cooling, the top-mount intercooler just doesn't cut it. Air flow from the hood scoop is limited, and the core size isn't very big. A front-mount intercooler (FMIC) is just what the doctor ordered. It gets a blast of fresh cool air, and we can fit a huge core up there.

There are downsides to the front mount i/c, of course. The much longer hose routings will lead to some additional turbo lag. Not to mention that installing an intercooler may mean removing any fog lights, and in most cases carving up or removing the steel core of your front bumper.  But the extremely large surface area and ideal positioning of the front-mounted core provides maximum cooling, even under low-speed conditions. If you are looking for maximum power, the FMIC is the way to go.

We sell and install a lot of the TurboXS FMIC kits, as shown here.

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