High-Temperature Brake Fluid

Motul RBF 600 brake fluidIf you’re headed to the road-race track, do yourself a favor and use a brake fluid that can better stand up to the intense heat of racing.

Always bleed your brakes before doing any kind of race driving. Change your brake fluid once a year, and more if you are using the car at the track. Brake fluid absorbs water over time, and water boils easily, rendering your brakes weak and mushy. New fluid will return them to rock-solid.

Brake fluids are described by their boiling temperatures, both "dry" and "wet." Those terms are not literal, but describe the boiling point when the fluid is fresh and new -- and free of absorbed moisture -- and then at a point where it has absorbed a certain amount (3.7% by volume) of water. The wet boiling test is intended to simulate what the fluid is likely to be like after two years of service on the car.

We sell ATE and Motul street brake fluids. Both are excellent and boast extremely high performance characteristics. We also carry Motul RBF 600, which is an extremely high-performing fluid intended for race use.