JDM WRX S4-Style DRL Fog Lamp Bezel Installation Instructions

Tools Required:

  • Panel popper or flat-blade screwdriver
  • Ratchet and 10mm socket


1. Pop off the stock fog lamp bezels. They come free with just a sharp tug.

2. Install the new fog lamp bezels. Poke the wiring plug through the hole in the bumper, then snap the new bezel into place.

Installing the new fog lamp bezel

3. Put the front of car on jack stands, ramps, or hanging over a curb, so you can access the front underside of the car.

4. Remove the fasteners from the sides of front lower splash panel. It attaches using push fasteners and 10mm bolts.

5. Connect the round plugs on the control box(es) to the round plugs on the DRL lamps. (White-only model has one control box, Switchback model has two.)
Switchback lamps only: Unplug the car turn signal harness from the turn signal bulb socket. Plug one of the DRL wiring harness plugs into the car-side turn signal harness, and another into the turn-signal socket.

6. Connect the power harness(es) to the control box(es). (Again, the White-only model has one power harness connection, the Switchback model has two.)

7. Use cable ties to secure all the new wiring and the control boxes. (We used some 3M automotive double-sided tape to secure our control boxes.) Make sure all wiring is free from any moving parts and that nothing is loose or flopping around.

 Wiring harness and control box mounted

8. Route the remaining power harness leads up into the engine bay towards the battery.

9. Re-attach the front lower splash panel.

10. Put the car back onto the ground.

11. Attach the power harness leads as follows:

  • Black: To battery negative terminal
  • White (Switchback model only): Tie off. Not used by default, but see note below.
  • Red: To fuse box. We suggest the following relay location. You will need to clip off one leg of the Add-a-Fuse to allow the plug to sit down in the relay socket. This location will light the DRL lamps at any time the key is to the Ignition On position.

Fuse box detail


12. Test to make sure everything works correctly. Put the key in, turn it to the Ignition On position, and make sure the new DRL lamps are lit up in white. If you've installed the Switchback model, turn on the turns signals and hazard lights and confirm the lamps switch to amber. Also check operation of your other lighting to make sure everything is still working.

13. Secure all wiring with cable ties, replace the fuse box lid, and you're done!


    White wire note: On the Switchback model, the white wire can be used to DISABLE the white LED lamps if it is powered. We haven't yet figured out a time when this would be desirable, but we figured we'd let you know, just in case. Let us know if you come up with a use for this.