Mach V Cobb Accessport Vent Mount 2022+ WRX Installation

This product is new and we don't yet have a video tutorial for it, but here are some photos to help with installation of this part.

For this job you will need a plastic pry tool -- don't use a metal tool or you may scratch parts of your car. You'll also want some kind of long string or wire to help with fishing the Accessport cable through the dash.

Your first step is to remove the OEM vent from the dash. Use the plastic pry tool from the front edge of the vent, and pry straight up toward the roof. The vent should pop free. 

You will need to remove the blue clip from the OEM vent and install the clip on your Mach V Accessport Vent Mount.

Transfer this blue plastic clip

Before you install the vent mount, you will want to thread your Accessport cable up from the OBD-II port under the dash. We used a straightened wire clothes hanger as a fish tool. The cable will pass between the dash top and the air duct. Once you have the end of the cable sticking out from the top of the dash, thread the Mach V Accessport Vent Mount down over the end of the cable. 

Fish wire at top of dash


Fish wire under dash with cable attached

Fish wire pulling cable up from under dash

Fish wire successful cable pull

Position the Vent Mount over the hole in the dash. Put a loop in the Accessport cable underneath the Vent Mount so it can exit the side of the space between the Vent Mount and the air duct, and then clip the Vent Mount into the dash. Have the cable sticking out by a few inches so you can attach it to the Accessport.

Mach V Accessport Vent Mount with Cable

Plug the bottom part of the Accessport cable into the USB port. Important! Tie the excess cable up and out of the way with cable ties to make sure it doesn't interfere with the driver's feet. 

Finally, plug the cable into the Accessport and snug the Accessport down into the mount. Enjoy!

Accessport in Vent Mount complete

We suggest you always keep your Accessport out of sight when you are not using the car, to prevent theft as well as to keep it out of the hot sun.