Valenti Tail Lamp Installation 2008-2014 WRX/STI


Tools required:

  • 8mm and 10mm sockets
  • Multimeter (optional)

Open the hatch.

Remove the outer lamp units which are held in by two 10mm bolts. Unplug the lamp units.

GR hatch right tail lamp removed

GR hatch tail lamps removed

Remove all the plastic trim (attached using pop fasteners) from the inside of the hatch. Remove the four 8mm retaining nuts from the studs incorporated into the two lamp units on the hatch. Unplug and remove the lamps.

GR hatch interior trim removed

Plug in the four new lamp units. Connect the red and blue wires using the "vampire" taps as follows:

  • Red - Connect to the third brake lamp power wire at the top of the hatch.
  • Blue - Connect to the power wire for the license plate lamps.

Use the multimeter if you are not sure which wires are powered.

Re-attach the bolts and nuts and pop the plastic trim panels back into place. Done!

Thanks to Mach V customer Rob for the photos above. Check out his Instagram feed.



Tools required:

  • 8mm socket

Open the trunk. Remove some of the push fasteners holding the trunk trim to access the back of the tail lamps.

From within the trunk, remove the four 8mm nuts from the studs on each lamp unit. Pull each lamp unit away from the car and unplug the wiring.

Sedan tail lamps removed

Use the "vampire" taps to wire the VDC/ABS indicator resistor into the left side (US driver side) of the tail lamp wiring harness. Connect to the Green/White Line and Black Line wires. See diagram.

Valenti GV sedan lamp diagram

Connect the tail lamp wiring harnesses to the new lamps. Position the lamps into the body and replace the nuts. Replace the trunk trim and push fasteners.

Re-assembling sedan trunk trim